On the Verge is running the Gateways project, a Visual Art pilot initiative with Place Identity as the central theme. Pioneered by Myriam Metcalf, who trained in Architecture and Regeneration and is also a printmaker, the project is supported by a Steering Group of stakeholders, residents and community representatives.

The project is to be implemented in two phases:

  • Phase 1 in 2007 - 2012 commissioned artists to produce designs
    for temporary banners to be on display until Dec. 2012
  • Phase 2 from 2012 onwards will commission an artist to produce designs for artwork to enhance and improve 3 underpasses

On the Verge, aims to work with residents and artists to use Visual Art to develop pride and identity in the four estates surrounding central Milton Keynes: Bradwell Common, Conniburrow, Fishermead and Oldbrook.

On the Verge in preparation for the Banners Project (2007-2012) facilitated a series of artist-led digital photography workshops with schools and community groups from the four estates. Participants in the workshops were invited to use photography to explore what they thought was special about their estate. Five national artists, Boyd & Evans, Judy Foote, Taslim Martin, James O’Hanlon and Ruth Spaak were then commissioned to create temporary banners inspired by the ideas that were generated in the workshops. The banners created by these artists are sited at gateways to the four estates. In 2009 three Milton Keynes artists Annabelle Shelton, Sally Annett and Tom Calnan, were commissioned to design additional banners for Fishermead, Oldbrook and Conniburrow. These banners are displayed next to the play areas in each estate.

On the Verge will continue to run community engagement artist led workshops and other activities in preparation for the Underpasses Project (2012 onwards). The outcome of these activities will inspire commissions for artwork for the underpasses that link the housing estates.

On the Verge CIC Directors

Myriam Metcalf - Architecture/Regeneration and Printmaking (Project Development and Strategy adviser)

Helen Taylor - Arts Consultant and artist (HR and Funding adviser)

Janice Walker - Treasurer (Finances adviser)


Kevin Smith (FCCA. MBA)

Board of Advisers

Head of Highways -
MK Council

Louise Izod - Public Art Officer MK Council

Bryan Schram - Headteacher   (educational content adviser)

Henk Van Aswagen - Executive Director. MK City Discovery Centre (EU bid adviser)

Simon Wright - MK Gallery. (Socially Engaged Practice adviser)  

Dobrochna Futro - Director MPRA. (EU funding and contacts adviser)

Tracey Clarke - Creative and Cultural Sector Consultant (EU bid)

Joy Cowell - Chair of Conniburrow Community Association



Community Interest Company  (CIC) No. 7740482